Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to Basics...uh...BOOKS!

The VHS tapes are gone, the money is deposited and we can declare our third summer mini-sale a success! What? You think you missed one? Well, first we did the Cats Pajamas sale. Next we did the National Geographic clear-out. Finally, we have just finished the VHS sale. This has been a busy summer for the Friends volunteers!

We are unlikely to be that busy in such a short time again any time soon. Two of the sales were driven by a need for space. The National Geographic clear-out opened up space in our storage shed where we keep books awaiting the Semi-Annual sales. The VHS sale opened up space in a different storage area where we pre-position the CD/DVD/Books on Tape for the Semi-Annual sale.

Since we won't be accepting either National Geographic or single VHS tapes anymore, we'll be able to accrue more of the stuff that you LOVE to purchase at our Semi-Annual Used Book Sale!

And speaking of that, it's on the calendar and we're counting down.

Friends Night is Thursday, September 25. Make sure your membership is current!

We open to the public Friday, September 26 at 10 a.m.

If you're one of Charly's faithful volunteers, you'll be hearing from her soon. If you'd like to be one, get in touch with her ASAP. We will train you so that the match between the needs of the organization and the desires of your heart will be a good one.

This week on Amazon are the books above. Go to our storefront to see more!


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Arielle said...

Hope you'll be following up the "Cat's PJs" sale with other themed sales, starting with dogs :->