Friday, October 17, 2008

Educate Thyself!

Every so often we receive Great Courses produced by The Teaching Company.  Each Course is a full course -- as if you attended a class.  They range over a wide variety of subjects and by listening to these you can definitely become more educated!  This is a great way to use your commute time effectively!

This batch of Teaching Company courses included the following:

Great Courses:  Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reading.  24 Lectures on 12 Audio CD's.  $110  (2001)  Taught by Professor David Zarefsky, Norwestern University.

Great Courses: Philosophy of Religion.  36 Lectures on 18 Audio Cassettes.   $100 (2003).  Taught by Professor James Hall, University of Richmond. 
If you are interested in purchasing, you have two choices.  First, you can click on the link to the right that will send you to our Amazon store front.  Second, if you are a current Friends member, you can e-mail us at and save shipping!


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