Saturday, October 11, 2008

Patriotism Popping Up

This is a truly amazing book.  America the Beautiful by Robert Sabuda is a pop-up version of the song.  Each 2-page spread has a pop-up of a uniquely American landscape.  Most are done in white cardstock against a colored background.   On the last page is a smaller book, with pop-ups, and the words to successive verses.

The book looks LOTS better than these photographs show.  I was hamstrung photographing it because it kept . . . popping up!  And, I'm not as good a photographer as our regular shutter bug is.

At any rate, this book would be a perfect gift for:

  • teachers of American History
  • new citizens, or people studying for their citizenship test
  • engineers who like to figure out how pop-ups work
  • very mature children who won't pull too hard!
  • a 'welcome home' from military service overseas
  • a 'let's work together' gift post-election!
The contents of the book include:
  • The Golden Gate Bridge
  • Amber Waves of Grain
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Mesa Verde
  • The Mississippi River with a paddleboat steamer
  • The National Mall
  • The Statue of Liberty
We had this book displayed during the book sale but due to space limitations people couldn't see how cool it is.  Their loss is your gain!  If you want to purchase this book, it is currently available ONLY from the Friends of the Reston Regional Library and ONLY to a current Friend (or someone who wants to become one before purchase!)  The cost of the book is $12.  If you live out of our area, but you're a current Friend, we'll have to add shipping.
This book won't last long -- don't miss out!  E-mail us at


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