Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Place Called Mitford

Jan Karon has written a series of books that are some of the most entertaining, inspiring, and loving books this blogger has ever read.  Although they are centered on the character of a preacher and his wife, they are not deeply theological or heavily ladened with religious messages. Indeed, they are gentle stories of how the community of Mitford changes and grows with the seasons over several years.  Real life happens, people change, and mysteries come and go.  It's not all spun sugar and white-bread.  There are real tragedies and real hurts.  Yet in the midst of it, love sustains those who want to receive it, rescues those who need to find it, and blunts the hurt that occurs when bad things happen.

When I received one of the books in this series for Christmas a couple of years ago, I put it aside, snobbish because it was so 'popular'.  Finding my hands empty one evening I started reading . . . and was hooked.  To give someone you love this set of all six books in a slipcase would be to invite them into a world full of love and restoration.  A great gift for the holidays, or for someone who just needs something positive to read.  There are so many negative books published, it is a relief to find something uplifting and so well written.

Get it at our Amazon site for $30 by clicking the link, OR, if you're a current Friend, e-mail us at RestonFriendsPR@gmail.com to save on shipping.

The Mitford Years (6 books in slipcase)  $30


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D Wright said...

Jan Karon is writing her next book! She invites you to visit her website at www.mitfordbooks.com. You will enjoy the site!