Friday, October 3, 2008


For those of you who have visited our Book Sale before and suffered browsing our "Specials Room", I'm sure that this time you were pleased to see our new shelves!  You often ask how we spend the money generated by the book sale.  Our first priority is fulfilling the wish list of the Reston Regional Library Branch Manager, Nadia Taran.  Our second is making improvements that will help our sales operations.  You know, sometimes you gotta spend money to make money.  The shelves in the Specials Room (and in the Sorter's Hallway) were part of that.

And WHAT an improvement.  No books falling on anyone (because of shelf dividers), no SHELVES falling on anyone (because they are sturdy), lots of room to display what we have.  The books were treated more gently as well because they had room to breathe.  This means that when the sale was finished, a large number of the specials (books priced $5 and up) had been sold.  Wow!  Thank you so much!

Running the specials desk, especially on the first night of the sale, can be very nerve-wracking because there are certain procedures we have to follow.  These procedures are designed to protect you and protect our inventory.  We record how many books you are purchasing, record your name and number, and take those books off your hands so you can continue shopping.  The books await your purchase at whichever cashier you have designated, and you present your claim check to add them to your purchase.  Your hands are free, and the more expensive books are accounted for all the way to the cashier.

Is it a bit tedious?  Sure, but our volunteers are wonderful, from the person who records the info, to the person who asks you to leave other bags and books outside the room on "hold" carts, to the runners who get your selections up to the cashier.  The procedures were developed partly to maintain inventory control of expensive items.  Thank you for being patient and understanding!

The next sale event is a mini-sale in November.  The Used Jigsaw Puzzle Sale is a fun event. Much smaller than a Semi-Annual used book sale, it occurs in the front area of the library (new books area).   Starting tomorrow (Saturday), we will be delighted to receive your donated jigsaw puzzles!


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