Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The conventional wisdom used to be that people were resistant to change. Maintaining the status quo was safer. But the election revealed that people think they want change. So, here's some change.

OOPS!  Wrong kind of change.  Let's try this again.

In the context of meaningful change, the Friends of the Reston Regional Library want to know what change you would like to see?  E-mail us with ideas, or use the comment link below this blog entry.  

  • Are there programs you would like to see Reston Friends sponsor at the library or elsewhere?
  • Are there needs in the community you see unmet?
  • Are there books or collections you'd like to find somewhere in Fairfax County but have thus far been unsuccessful?

The Friends exist to help the library help you. In order to do that we need two things. First, we need to know what you want. Second, we need some of you to help us provide that. JOIN US! We are a fun, interesting (you wouldn't believe the range of reading taste!), innovative group. We like to meet new people and new books! So e-mail us or comment to us! We're here to listen!

Bring on some good ideas!


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pinger said...

Here's some change!