Friday, November 7, 2008

Holocaust Literature and Moshe Dayan

Elie Wiesel miraculously survived the Nazi death camps.  For ten years he was silent about his experience.  Finally, when he did write, no one wanted to read it. His 'overnight' success took twenty years, from 1960 and a book no one was interested in to 2006, when Oprah chose Night for her book club. Now high school students throughout the United States read this and try to understand so that the horror of the Holocaust can never happen again. This book encompasses his entire trilogy, Night, Dawn, and The Accident.  This copy appears to be unread. It is the 2004 printing, with a very nice dust jacket.  It is $45 on our Amazon1 site.

The second featured book (no photo, sorry!) is Moshe Dayan: Story of My Life, An Autobiography. Dayan was one of the first founders/leaders of modern day Israel, giving those who survived the horror of Europe a place to be healed and worth fighting for.  He was a controversial figure, but his influence on Israel is undeniable. His military tactics are worth studying.  This copy is signed.  It is $150 on our Amazon1 Site.

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