Thursday, December 11, 2008

Humor for All Ages

These two offerings are for children, but children of all ages. Understanding the Lewis Carroll books from a child's perspective is simply magical. As an adult, one appreciates Carroll's imagination at an entirely different level and can't help but see satire and caricatures of adult life. Similarly, the charm of Petit Nicolas is different viewing it through a child's perspective as opposed to adult. Rowan Atkinson once said that inside every 9-year old boy there is an anarchist. In the tradition of those anarchists like Dennis the Menace and Calvin, Nicolas deserves his place in child and adult humor.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. This is the Centennial edition. It is 2 volumes in a slipcase. The books appear to not have been read at all. The slip case is slightly soiled, but still very nice. This is $24 at our Amazon1 site.

Les Adventures du Petit Nicolas (Hardcover). The publication of Nicolas stories began in 1959, this FRENCH version from Macmillan Company is dated 1966. Flyleaf has been cut out, but pages are unmarked and tight. Some shelfwear, no dust jacket. There are some stampings that read "Foreign Language Department Resource Center" inside back cover and on one edge. Still, given all that, this is still a very good readable copy, for $15 aAmazon1.

Current Friends of Reston Regional Library can get either or both of these books without having to pay shipping by contacting us by e-mail


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