Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some Deep Reads

One Woman's War by Eve-Ann Prentice is a fresh look at the Balkan conflict. As a journalist, Ms. Prentice found herself drawn into dangerous situations on every side. Yet, her desire to understand the history and politics of the conflict set this book apart from many published that seek only to blame. Anyone truly interested in the facts will be enlightened by this volume. It's $28 at Amazon1.

"...officer down, code three" is a collection of fictionalized stories about police incidents that was used as a sort of training manual for many years. They originate in the time before GPS and computers and kevlar. This copy is signed by the author and in excellent shape -- appears to not have been read.  $42 at Amazon1.

The third book we're highlighting is The Black Obelisk, a novel
published in 1957, originally in Germany. It is set in the period of the 1920's in post WWI-Germany, beset by hyperinflation and rising nationalism. The author is Erich Maria Remarque, most well known for his book, "All Quiet on the Western Front." This paperback copy was published in 1957.  It is in remarkable condition -- appears to never have been read and has very slight shelf-wear on the cover.  It is $22 at Amazon1.

Remember, all books you see here and at Amazon1 or Amazon2 are available to local current Friends of Reston Regional Library without paying postage. Just contact us via e-mail and we'll get the book to you.


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