Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mark Your April Calendars

It's coming, it's coming! The HUGE (I mean really, really big)
Semi-Annual Used Book Sale at Reston Regional Library, put on by Friends of the Reston Regional Library, Inc., is approaching quickly! The dates of the event are set, the books are being continuously sorted and packed up, the volunteers are being lined up, the food donations are being arranged (did I mention food -- we get the BEST donations of food -- worth volunteering for!) The book sale chair runs this event like a well-ordered machine BUT it is all to no avail if the customers don't have the date on the calendar!  So stop right now, and mark it down!

April 23 (Thursday evening) Friends Night, 6-8:30 p.m.
(This is for Friends members. You can purchase or renew a membership that evening)
April 24 (Friday) 10-5
April 25 (Saturday) 10-4:30
April 26 (Sunday) noon-3:30

The blogger looked at the books stored in the shed last week and it's almost full!  We'll have to use an additional storage area. That means there will be MANY, MANY books for you, our patrons to choose from in April!

Here are some photos that show a small part of the effort that goes into putting on this sale -- months before the actual event!

The photo on the left is what the shed looks like at near maximum capacity.  The photo on the right is what the shelves look like after the donations are sorted but before they're packed. The photo at the top shows what our hallway usually looks like as we try to stay ahead of sorting. Our volunteers are absolute wonders. They are smart, funny, kind, diligent and very, very, dedicated. YAY for Sorters!
If you want to join all this fun, e-mail us by clicking here or using We'd love to have you. (You must be physically able to lift things to be a sorter or volunteer during the sale. There are no 'cushy' jobs!)

Photos by Darlene


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