Thursday, February 5, 2009

Connections Obscured

This Illustrated History of Canada gets high marks for providing a complete enough history for the novice to get a better understanding of who Canadians are today -- where they came from, how they flourished, and how and why they're different from Americans. One reviewer particularly liked it for the genealogy aspects. It appears not to have been read and is $19 at Amazon1.

Cat High: The Yearbook is just that. A take-off on high school annuals, this features cats dressed in their graduation gowns, reports on their senior trips, labels for those most likely to suc
ceed, and even high school romance. A cute concept and perfect for a cat lover. This copy is $12.50 at Amazon1.

U.S. Counterintelligence: The Foundation of Strategy and Espionage Realities is a no-kidding real world study of a Soviet (remember them?) intelligence operation called The Trust. At $25, a bargain for someone working on their graduate studies in this area of speciality. Get it at Amazon1.

Now, what's the connection between these three books? E-mail us to let us know!


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