Tuesday, March 31, 2009

C Sharp Is Not Just for Music

What the heck is C#? Other than a key in which one can play an instrument or sing, it is a programming language that Microsoft developed in order to work with the .NET applications. More on this at Wikipedia. As is often the case in our high-tech Reston corridor, we have a few books to offer that can help you tap into this language.

Essential C# 2.0 is part of the Microsoft.net Development Series and gets very good reviews from developers. It promises to cover the following:
  • C# primitive data types, value types, reference types, type conversions, and arrays
  • Operators and control flow, loops, conditional logic, and sequential programming
  • Methods, parameters, exception handling, and structured programming
  • Classes, inheritance, structures, interfaces, and object-oriented programming
  • Well-formed types, operator overloading, namespaces, and garbage collection
  • Generics, collections, and iterators
  • Reflection, attributes, and declarative programming
  • Threading, synchronization, and multi-threaded patterns
  • Interoperability and unsafe code
  • The Common Language Infrastructure that underlies C#
It's an unused paperback, appears to be brand new, $28 at RestonFriends1.

Design Patterns in C# is also available, also brand new, for $25. It is hard-back. It purports to be the "Gang of Four" application for C#. If that makes sense to you, and you are learning to write C# code, you probably want this book! Go to RestonFriends1 to see more.

Mastering C# Database Programming is also available, for $28 at RestonFriends1. Again, this gets high review marks from programmers and developers.

NOTE: If you are a current Friends member, e-mail us if you want a special price to purchase all three!

One of the common complaints about computer books and texts is that they're obsolete by the time they're published, and REALLY OLD by the time they reach a used book sale. We can't do anything about the publishing, but we can tell you that we have very high standards for what we offer in the area of computer books. Our donation guidelines prohibit accepting any computer text older than 5 years. So what you see on our table is about as current as you can get at a full-price bookstore. The big difference is that ours are A LOT cheaper. The vast majority of the software and hardware books we offer at the sale are under $5 each. Considering that the above books are $60 each retail, you can see that it is worth coming to the Spring Semi-Annual Used Book Sale!

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