Friday, March 20, 2009


Officially, that is! Today astronomical spring arrives. Living in Northern Virginia however, it is clear from the mercurial weather the last two weeks that spring is doing its normal strip-tease with us. Can you believe that less than 2 weeks ago we had a REAL snow day? And since then we've had a couple of shorts and T-shirt friendly days?

With the arrival of spring, many of us will increase our outdoor time. In our area, that means we run greater risk of being exposed to Lyme disease. If you know anyone who has suffered from this, you know that it can masquerade as many other problems, all the while eating away at the body's defenses. This book on our Amazon1 site, The Lyme Disease Solution, gets high marks from Amazon reviewers and users for a workable plan to deal with the disease. Better yet, it has advice on how to minimize your risk. It's $21
on Amazon1.

Trying to stay current in the technology market? A daunting task to be sure, and here's one manual that might help. 3G Wireless Networks by Daniel Collins gets excellent reviews from Amazon readers who work in the field. If you're in the field, interested in the field, or thinking about training into the field, this is a good start. The book is $38 on Amazon1. It appears to be brand new except for prior owner's name in the front cover.

Amazon2 is back up and running as well with some gorgeous selections for sale! Voyages Through the Universe is an eye-wateringly beautiful book, enriched by the photos from the Hubble Telescope. Scientist-reviewers have also bestowed positive comments for accuracy on this book. This copy is paperback, and in like-new condition. The price is $6.87 on Amazon2.

You can click on the links to get to Amazon1 or Amazon2. While there you can browse the hundreds of books we have available. If you find something you like, and you're a current local Friends member, you can avoid shipping charges and get it locally. All you have to do is e-mail us to arrange this.

The books on our Amazon sites are just the tip of the iceberg of what we have available for our loyal Semi-Annual Book Sale patrons. Sure, these featured books are a bit pricier than our average book sale offering. But the vast majority of books we will offer at the sale are under $5 - WAY under. Hardbacks begin at $1.50, Trade Paperbacks at $1.00 and mass market paperbacks at .50. 

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