Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Arabs and the Greeks

At RestonFriends1 today we have some beautiful copies of classic works.

Say "Lawrence of Arabia" and an entire generation starts humming dramatic music with visions of Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif at their primes dancing through our heads. The real T. E. Lawrence was an extremely complicated man. His book, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, was his autobiography about the time he spent with the various Arab tribes during the period leading up to and including World War I. As the Ottoman Empire crumbled and the power struggle intensified, Lawrence was in the thick of it, cajoling, browbeating and instigating things in order to try to get the situation back in hand...for the British? or was it for the Arabs?

This copy was published by the Folio Society in 2000, is in a black slipcase, and appears to be brand new. It is $40 at Friends1.

Another nice offering at Friends1, also from the Folio Society, is this pair of books detailing the fascinating stories and cohesive narratives of Greek Myths -- the ritual mimes performed at public festivals and recorded pictorially on temple walls, vases, seals, bowls, and tapestries. Both volumes are in black slipcovers. Both are in brand new condition. The pair is $20 at Friends1.

Current local Friends of Reston Regional Library can save postage on anything we offer at Friends1 by contacting us at the library or via e-mail to us.


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