Wednesday, July 8, 2009


From time to time we receive donations of magazines in bulk. Usually they’ve been left at the back door anonymously. They’re not magazines we can resell in the front hall in our ongoing sale because of their age. Yet, they’re each a ‘collection’ of a particular magazine or genre so we’ve kept them pending a good idea.

The good idea has arrived – and it accrues to your benefit! We’re doing an “ODD LOTS” sale. This sale will be entirely by appointment only, and you must be a current Friend of Reston Regional Library (or be willing to purchase a membership) in order to participate. The way it works is that if you see a box of magazines you’d be interested in, you contact us. You can do so by e-mail or by telephoning the library and leaving a message for “Pam” telling her you’re interested in “ODD LOTS” and which box or boxes. The library phone number is 703-689-2700. You must buy an ENTIRE BOX, but since we’re selling them in bulk, we’ll make it worth your while!

Here’s the list of the LOTS.

v American Heritage Magazine, Hard Cover Issues

v Civil War Magazine

v Journal of the Steamship Historical Society of America

v National Genealogical Society Quarterly

v Renaissance Magazine

v Realm (a magazine of British history)

v Classic and Sports Car (UK publication for the classic car enthusiast

v Dwell (interior decorating magazine)

v Knitting (we have 4 boxes of these)

v Scrapbooking

v Science Fiction

v Wildlife Magazine (4 color photographs plus text in German)

v Woodworkers Journal, Wood, ShopNotes

v Woodworking

v Comics (Batman, X Men, 5 boxes mixed)

First come, first served, so don’t wait! And by the way, we didn’t ask for these kinds of donations, and we do not want more of them, but good stewardship demands that we offer them for sale rather than just throw them in the trash. Why don’t we want more? They take up a LOT of room, and we’d rather use that for storing the books you love to buy at the Semi Annual Used Book Sale.



scoffin said...

How much are they?! A price range?

Reston Friends! said...

We haven't determined a set price per box. Normally, we sell the magazines in the front at about .50 each, so the bulk rate will be less than per piece. The Friends always try their best to be fair, and all monies go to support the Reston Library at a time when more funds than ever are needed, so we'd love people to be generous. That said, odd lots is supposed to be FUN, so make an offer!