Friday, July 3, 2009

The Spy and the Artists

The Spy Who Saved the World is the story of Oleg Penkovsky, a member of the Soviet Intelligence Services who funnelled critical information to the West during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Although his actions helped the world step back from WW III, his story does not have a happy ending. This book is worth reading in order to understand that time in history. This book is very hard to come by, and ours is priced at $72 at RestonFriends1. This paperback appears to be unread, the prior owner's name is inside the front cover, and the book has mild shelf wear.

Artist Yuri Kuper is known for his work in paintings and mixed media work. This paperback book, Yuri Kuper, highlights some of his work. It is $45 at RestonFriends1.

British artist Andy Goldsworthy's work is featured in this book, Enclosure. Goldsworthy specializes in showing articles found in nature in a completely different light. This hardcover published in 2007 gets excellent reviews at RestonFriends1, where
we have it for $28.

All of the books we offer on our Amazon site are donations to the library not needed for the collections. Current local Friends of Reston Regional Library can save postage on any of these by contacting us via e-mail or leaving a message at the library.


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