Friday, July 17, 2009


Please enjoy these Wordzzles by Kit and Charly again! Starting tomorrow, the Friends blog will take a 2 week vacation to recharge creative energies. See you on August 1!

From Kit:

As the rider in the lavender cowboy shirt,
road toward - the snow-capped mountain..
Shades of mauve, peachy-pink and gold,
glistened - like water from a fountain..
With an artist's eye - he viewed surrounding beauty,
and had a feeling - of flying over the moon..
Beyond that sacred space - above sun and sky,
a place where one - would somehow swoon.
For, life stood still - rendering him speechless,
it was an experience - he'd never had..
And, seemingly in that brief moment - he understood,
what could make - a heart feel glad..
A feeling of gratefulness - to have been born,
in a Country - offering much freedom to us..
But, more than that - a form of Thankfulness,
to that higher power - that we can trust.
He'd made little preparation for this sojourn,
actually, didn't know why he'd come..
But now he knew - it was to meditate life's purpose,
to that greater force - he was ready to succumb..
So, he took down his small zebra area rug,
and laid it gently - upon the Earth..
And, as he quieted his mind - the Universe did speak,
providing purpose - and the reason for his birth.

From Charly:

Prairie children were they, growing up in the days of obeying mother and father, never questioning actions. They had met at the age of 13 and had been sweethearts ever since; they were soul mates. He taught her to shoot a gun; shucks, she could out shoot him. The PREPARATION for a picnic down by the stream always excited them as it meant time alone. They were OVER THE MOON in love..picnics were their reward from hard work from sunup to sundown as work on a ranch never ends. Days like this were few--after spreading a small AREA RUG and setting out the food, hand in hand they strolled down to wade in the cool water. Life was good. But the day came when things changed. Johnny had to leave; his father had beaten him badly when he came in late one evening. He knew it was time to get out. As a ranch hand he could find work on the trail, but Mary Beth couldn't go. Her mother's health was poorly and there were three younger children that needed looking after. Her father had taken off to seek a fortune and never returned. Mary Beth taught school for a meager sum to help provide for their needs. No, she couldn't leave. As he held a sobbing Mary Beth, he knew this was the last time he would hold her. With sadness, he set her away from him and gave her a small package. It was a stone they had found in the stream. Knowing she liked lavender he had mixed berries to get the shade. On the stone, he had painted a LAVENDER COWBOY hat to remind her of the cowboy who had moved on and to remember the love shared. He dried her tears, and with one last kiss, donned his hat that had a ZEBRA band and rode off, never looking back. She watched him fade into the sunset, and only then looked at the message she held in her hand. It simply said: I love you, send this to me when you are free'..she burst into tears.

Thanks to Raven for hosting this each week!



Batteson.Ind said...

oh.... love lost... lovely writing and agin, congrats on managing to write such an excellent poem!... the story was just heart wrenching... cheers for sharing!

Raven said...

I love a good love story. I know they will be reunited. Great work on the poem. I think it's an extra challenge to work the words into poetry.

Fandango said...

We dragons like to write poems. We wrote one with these words. Yours is better.
You humans always have such sad romances and such mean parents. We feel sorry for you.
Great writing.