Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amazon Offerings

Many of you know about our Amazon storefront, RestonFriends1. There we offer some of the higher value books that are donated, hoping to get a larger audience to move some of the more specific interest books. That generates funds for the library, but also makes way for more Specials for you during the Semi-Annual Used Book Sale (Sept 23-27). Here are some of the offerings currently posted:

Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend is about the Sasquatch. Joshua Blu Buhs spins the tales and speculation about the creature into a full length book. It gets great reviews! We offer it for $17. Click here

Head First Java, 2nd Edition (2009) is by Kathy Sierra. Borrowing from Amazon, this is what they say about it: It has taken four years, but with Head First Java the introductory Java book category has finally come of age. This is an excellent book, far more capable than any of the scores of Java-for-novices books that have come before it. Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates deserve rich kudos--and big sales--for developing this book's new way of teaching the Java programming language, because any reader with even a little bit of discipline will come away with true understanding of how the language works. Perhaps best of all, this is no protracted
"Hello, World" introductory guide. Readers get substantial exposure to object-oriented design and implementation, serialization, neatwork programming, threads, and Remote Method Invocation (RMI). Our copy is $25.75. Click here

And finally, Outstanding In the Field: A Farm to Table Cookbook, is one of the
most talked about books in the catering/cooking field. Chef Jim Denevan specializes in connecting the diners to their produce from its source. We offer this book for $19.00. Click here!

All of the books we offer on Amazon are available to local, current Friends members without shipping fees. Just e-mail us!


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