Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birds and Jobs

We live with a bird. This small parakeet is full of personality and curiousity. And within the limits of her tiny brain, she is very smart. For example, she knows exactly when you're about to shoot the best bird picture EVER and in a nanosecond has turned her back on you. So we have many photos of green and yellow back feathers. So I think this book, The Art of Bird Photography, would be a great one for our household! Of course, it's more for folks out in the wild who are trying to shoot photos of LOTS of birds. It's on our Amazon site, RestonFriends1, for $65.

If there is one book that should be selling well right now, it's this one. Complete Job-Search Handbook: Third Edition -- Everything You Need to Know to Get the Job You Really Want. It's $12.50 at RestonFriends1.

Check out these and other great books at RestonFriends1, the storefront for Friends of Reston Regional Library. If you're a current local member and see something you're interested in, e-mail us and if it's available, you can purchase it postage-free!


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