Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FRRL Board Meeting

We have a board meeting next Wednesday evening. As always, our meetings are open for people to attend. It will be at the library in one of the back rooms. Just ask at the desk.

We're gearing up for the children's and young adult sale. There will be teacher materials also. Tell all the teachers you know! It's August 22-23.

We'll stay geared up for the Semi-Annual Used Book Sale at the end of September. Should be a great time with many, many great selections!

It seems that there's more than ever going on at the library but with fewer staff members because of County budget cuts. That means volunteers are even more precious than before. Why don't you think about volunteering your time and energy to help our library? We'd love to have you on the "Friends" side of the house, but it may be that you have a skill the library can better employ. Talk to Heidi at the library to see where you fit in!


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