Friday, August 14, 2009


These are some questions we’ve received about the Children & Young Adults Sale August 22-23 at Reston Regional Library.

Q: What is "bulk" buying? In the past when I go to other library sales, I have purchased up to $90 worth of children's books. Would that be considered "bulk"? Thank You.

A: Bulk is taking an inordinate number books in one fell swoop thus depriving others of the opportunity to shop as well. Visually it looks like hogging an entire section...

Q: What's scanning?

A: Scanning is using an electronic scanner to read bar codes, which indicates the value of the book on the used book market. Many dealers use them to quickly work through a number of books in order to purchase only those that have a good re-sale value for their business.

Q: I'm wondering if the sale on 8/22 is free admissions or is there a fee? Also, I read the blog site and wondering what type of bags are allowed to be used to hold our books? And is there a limit to how many books each person will be allowed to purchase?

A: Admission to the sale is free. Over the shoulder bags, grocery bags, boxes, are all okay -- just no backpacks. In our past Semi-Annual sales we limited childrens books purchases to 40 books per day per individual. We haven't set a limit at present for this sale, but if we see someone being really greedy, we reserve the right to ask them to limit their purchases. We're hoping we don't have to set an actual limit -- that people will self-regulate.

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