Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wordzzle Saturday

Happy August! If you're not familiar with Wordzzle, you're missing out on some fun. Each week Raven posts words at her blog. The idea is to turn the 10 words (challenge), 5 words (mini) or all of the words (maxi) into a paragraph or short story that makes sense. You can see the rules for yourself here.

The words this week were:
challenge: fair warning, hormones, journalism, philanthropist, burgeoning, running the bulls, saturation, tossed in the towel, whine, indelicate details
mini: hard labor, lurid, quick fix, sizable contributions, trumpet

Our book sale chair, Charly, and her twin, Kit, have been participating and producing some great stuff! So join us!

Charly continues with a love story:

As the sun was setting, Mary Beth gazed at the prairie before her, while she sat on the porch of the boarding house where she lived. It had been a hotter day than usual. Rocking back and forth was a way to relax...she had been helping her friend plant a flower garden; it was HARD LABOR, this digging, but she was happy to help. Her friend had been there for her as she raised her siblings. Mary Beth’s sisters, Abby and Nell, had married cavalry soldiers and had moved to Fort Collins. Her brother Jace had left home months ago to scout for a wagon train that had passed through town. She had to give up the homestead as the QUICK FIX of repairs no longer worked. There was never enough money to make a SIZEABLE CONTRIBUTION to keep the ranch in livable condition. Mary Beth sold off the property and moved into town. She still taught school but found the days long. She began writing stories of the Old West with a hint of romance for the believers of love. She could hear the LURID remarks made behind her back when she delivered her story to the Telegraph TRUMPET, the local newspaper. Some of these old biddies in town just didn’t understand what she had given up to raise her siblings when her mother had died 15 years ago. She had never regretted giving the siblings a home filled with love but memories could be painful at times. Loneliness can be overwhelming, especially when she recalled the night Johnny said goodbye. With movement of the rocker, she found herself rubbing the stone she held, back and forth. The lavender cowboy hat had almost faded from her handling it over the years. Words on the note Johnny had given her were embedded in her heart; I love you, send this to me when you're free...the words had long since faded. Jace had told her before leaving that a ranch hand at the Circle K had seen Johnny in Pagosa Junction over a year ago, now a U.S Marshall. With her eyes closed, the longer Mary Beth rocked, memories of happier times came to mind. As memories floated back & forth, her eyes flew opened...Dare I? she asked. Before she could change her mind she jumped up and rushed into the house. Wrapping up the stone in a day-old newspaper she addressed it to: Johnny Cassidy, U.S. Marshall, Pagosa Junction. Even if he had moved on, what did she have to lose? The next day she took the package into town to the Overland Stage Line. She knew the stage wasn't due until noon, but she was afraid she'd change her mind if she didn't give it to the station master now. She had much to do back at the boarding house so returned to take care of her tasks. After having her lunch, she was writing at the kitchen table when she heard a knock. When she opened the door, she saw a tall stranger standing there with arms wide open. In a daze she walked into them and hoped this wasn't a dream. After a long embrace she stepped back from him and noticed he had the stone in his hand. How can this be she asked? Johnny had received a telegram from Jace telling him that Mary Beth was now free. Johnny had come in on the noon stage and the station master recognizing him, had given him the package. He had wasted little time hiring a horse and heading across town to the boarding house. They were older now, but their love had survived the test of time.

Kit gives us another great poem:

Looking around - at the task before him,
he thought - gosh, this will take hard labor..
And, as he contemplated - what to do,
he looked up - and saw his new neighbor..
A guy that others - seemed to shun,
because of an unknown - lurid past..
Yet, in reality - no one really
knew him,
for none had - even bothered to ask!
To ask if he'd - like to join us,
in the cookout - planned for our block..
Whereby we could - get to know him,
perhaps any mystery - would be unlocked..
He walked swiftly over to me - asking,
what can I do - to help..
I smiled and said - that's mighty kind,
but, you can imagine - how I felt!
For, I too - had been questioning and wondering,
what had brought him - to this place..
And, at that moment - I felt ashamed,
as I talked with him - face to face..
I realized then - that there's no quick fix,
for those misconceptions - we too often make..
So, I stood there - offering my friendship,
which we sealed - with a firm handshake!
We worked together - upon the task,
of getting the car - out of that blasted hole..
And, when we were done - we shared a drink,
in conversation - I became quite bold..
It was then I asked - what had brought him here,
to this neighborhood - of ours..
He said - he'd once lived upon this land,
when there were only - trees and flowers!
He spoke of fond memories - of his dad,
playing his trumpet - at each twilight..
Said he'd had a happy - and playful childhood,
and that those days - are recalled with delight..
Mentioned he'd been taught - not to judge others,
no matter - what appearances, seemed to be..
And with that statement - I realized, the sizable contribution,
to my life - that he'd just given me!
It's not our place - to judge or condemn,
whether it's due to gossip - or our own misconception..
The guy had been innocent - in every way,
except through - the human mind's perception..
So, let's all be careful - of words we use,
regardless if it's friend - or someone, we just meet..
Life contains enough hypocrisy - without our additions,
Instead, let's strive to be - Life's own special treat!

And in the interest of space, you can see the Blogger's work by following this link.

Next Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: reluctant, sacrilege, territory, humiliating, master of ceremonies, gesture, dirty deed, crumbling, thaw, token

For the mini challenge: official portrait, personal bank account, shoulder bone, unbearable, widow

If you want to play, make up a story with the words and e-mail it to us here. It's that easy!


Dr.John said...

Wow two long entries based on the mini challenge.
I loved the story. It is well written and keeps your interest. Glad he came home.
The poem was a bit long for five words and really though it used them didn't need them.

Raven said...

Charley and Kit - two great offerings. I love a love story, especially when it has a happy ending.

Kit - your poem speaks deep truth.

Heather said...

'sizable contribution,to my life' ... it's always interesting to meet someone and recognize how they have contributed to your life.