Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wordzzle Saturday

If you've never played Wordzzle with us, you need to try! Raven gives us words -- a choice to use 10 (challenge), 5 (mini) or all 15 (maxi). You use them in a paragraph or really short story. Then publish them on your blog and link to Raven. If you don't have a blog, send them to and we'll publish them for you. It is THAT simple! Get those creative juices flowing!

The words this week were:

Challenge: reluctant, sacrilege, territory, humiliating, master of ceremonies, gesture, dirty deed, crumbling, thaw, token

Mini: official portrait, unbearable, widow, shoulder bone, personal bank account

From Charly:

Dear Janice,

I'm writing from the airport waiting for a flight out, but thought you'd be happy to know my OFFICIAL PORTRAIT has been completed. As it was painted outdoors, it was almost UNBEARABLE sitting in the heat we're experiencing. My favorite aunt, WIDOW Murphy, as the family refers to her, has fallen and has broken her SHOULDER BONE and arm. She has asked that I pay her a visit and help her with her PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT as well as the Medicare papers and hospital bills that are piling up. At her age she shouldn't have to worry about her finances; thus the trip to help and ease her mind. My flight has just been called so I have to go. I'll be in touch and when I return we'll discuss the autobiography you're writing about me. I think the title needs to be a bit more classy; not, Here's Connie, Gov of Virginia...(yes, I know you're teasing)..take care,


From Kit:

Sitting for an- official portrait,

the Senator's wife - sat still..

She smiled - as was expected,

her thoughts were - she'd rather have a pill..

For her shoulder bone was hurting,

and she didn't - exactly know why..

Her mind was fraught - with worry,

and the pain - made her, want to cry!

She hoped the cause - was not cancer,

that dreaded word - humans always fear..

For that would be - so unbearable,

for the loved ones - she holds dear..

Stop the worrying - she said to self,

get these negative thoughts - from mind..

For needless concerns and worries,

are simply - a waste of time..!

The widow - painting the portrait,

said that - she was now done..

I paid her from - my personal bank account,

Since the portrait - is for my son..

I then left the house - had much to do,

and found I felt better - along the way..

Perhaps the ache - was no more than stress,

Oh well, I said - I'll think about all this another day!

From the blogger:

Standing on the stage before the cheering audience, Dr. Hill was a RELUCTANT hero. He had worked his way out of Iran through the mountains to Turkey. As he traversed the last mile of CRUMBLING road he had wondered how on earth he was going to take care of a little girl. It was HUMILIATING to admit that the man who knew everything about the culture of the Medes before the time of Christ knew nothing about how to comfort a small child when she cried in the night.

And cry Laila did. Her parents came with her to the border, gave Dr. Hill their precious daughter and all the documents that would enable him to get her to the U.S., and then turned back to head for their home. But word had traveled that these Christian Iranians had committed the SACRILEGE of entrusting their daughter to an American and they had been attacked in the lawless TERRITORY on the way back. After weeks of no contact, and frantic telephone calls, Dr. Hill had received a telegram telling him that he was now solely responsible for Laila, that her parents were dead.

He came out of his revery to hear the MASTER OF CEREMONIES asking, “Dr. Hill? Dr. Hill?” Bracing himself, he stepped up the microphone and said, “while I appreciate the acclamation of my colleagues, my heart is burdened by the loss of our colleagues, Mohsin and Yasmin. The unfinished work that Mohsin and Yasmin went back for remains unfinished. Those who did the DIRTY DEED remain free to kill again. It saddens me that religious zealotry can injure individuals, families, and even cultures and yet remain unpunished. I hope that some future THAW in relations between our countries will allow their work to go forward.

The way I was able to escape was to use some diamonds for payment. I arrived in the U.S. with some of those diamonds still intact. They were given to me by my grandfather, a self-taught archeologist, many years ago. He referred to them as my “get out of jail” stash. Now I’d like to dedicate the value of these diamonds to a scholarship fund for young archeologists who flee repressive regimes so that they can pursue intellectual honesty. A preference will go to those who continue to specialize in their home cultures so they will be prepared to return when it is safe.

This is only a small TOKEN of the debt that I owe Mohsin and Yasmin, and their precious daughter Laila.”

He turned to the little girl sitting next to the dais, “Laila, will you come up here please?” She trembled as she stepped up on the stool that had been placed there for her. “Will you please tell your professional colleagues here what those fragments you found were from?”

The little girl took a deep breath and then clearly said, “my Ami-father, Dr. Hill, tells me they are part of a wall. The markings on them show they are related to the time period of Darius the Great.” She took a quick glance at Hill and then continued, “someday I want to go back to excavate what my father and I found. I hope that by the time I am grown up, there will be peace so I can finish his work.” Her eyes overflowed as she turned into Dr. Hill and buried herself in his arms.

Archeologists aren’t known for being overly emotional, but there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Dr. Hill carried the little girl from the room. Wild cheering accompanied him.

As he made his way over towards the elevator Dr. Hill heard his name called. “Dr. Hill, may I ride up with you?” an attractive 30-something woman GESTURED to him. “I’m Louisa Ferren. I’ve been studying the period of time Laila spoke of for years. May I sit at her feet later this week and learn from her?” Laila’s eyes widened. This beautiful woman thought that Laila knew something worth studying! Hill smiled – this young woman was bright and bold. “I think you’d need to ask Laila, but right now it’s her bedtime. Give me your contact info and I’ll call you tomorrow.” Louisa cheerfully complied and wished them a good evening as the elevator closed.

Laila smiled as Dr. Hill tucked her in. “You’re singing inside your head,” she said. “Am I?” asked Hill. He smiled back, “I guess I am. You did a very good job tonight. I was proud of you and I was so pleased to be able to establish the scholarship in your parents’ names. Now, let’s say our prayers and tuck you in.”

“Ami-father,” Laila asked, “what is your Christian name? I only hear everyone call you Dr. Hill or Hill.”

“If I tell you, it will be our secret, okay? You can’t tell anyone else,” he said. He leaned close and whispered softly into her ear. Her eyes danced with mirth. “Now, good night,” he said, and eased out of the room.


Next Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: superlative, flea market, falling leaves, disinformation, who was that masked man?, keeping kids out of trouble, I'm a believer, bonnet in the attic, staff, generation

For the mini challenge: deep in the forest, government, charming, heirlooms, flabbergasted



Fandango said...

This is like going to three blogs at once. We dragons get confused easily.
Lets start with Charly. Very frankly heat is good , at least for dragons. We did enjoy your story but the shoulder bone made us hungry.
Connie from Kit=Your right you humans do worry a lot about things that never happen. You summed that up well.
Blogger- Funny name - If we knew which bad people killed Hill's friends we would go and eat them.
Glad that Hill and the little girl are doing well.

Raven said...

Talented group you have here at Reston friends. Good poem, nice work from Charley and of course the continuing story of Dr. Hill continues to entertain. I'm so sorry the parents of Laila (did I spell that right?) died. Do I see romance coming for Dr. Hill?

Richard said...

Good work this week. The blogger's story was great, really good writing and a great story line. Now I want to know, what is Dr' Hill's name.

DawnTreader said...

Very good entries, all three of them! :)