Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Week to Go

It doesn't seem possible, but it is true. One week from tonight we will begin our Fall 09 Semi-Annual Used Book Sale!

To make shopping more pleasant for everyone, we will follow our usual guidelines. Those are:

1. If you're going into
the Specials Room, we'll ask you to leave your other books and bags outside on a cart with your name (we have slips) on
them. This helps control the flow of books in and out of the Specials Room, helps minimize damage to the books there, and allows more patrons to move around in there
searching for books.

2. Each sale we get a few complaints about a few patrons' behavior. We ask that you remember that people of all kinds attend this sale. In a perfect world we would all be polite to one another. However, this isn't a perfect world and some people let their enthusiasm for good bargains trump what their moms should have taught them about common courtesy. If another patron's behavior is egregious, please notify one of the book sale workers. We will try to address the situation. That said, we reserve the right to ask anyone who is being a nuisance to leave.

3. Dealers. Some non-dealer patrons ask us why we allow dealers to come and purchase so many books. Some of our dealer and reseller patrons have been loyal and faithful book buyers for years. We appreciate their business. We know there are other book sales, and they choose to spend their money with us. If the non-dealer patrons would or could purchase the volume of books the dealers do, we could ban dealers. But we wouldn't because we LIKE our dealer friends, and we LIKE our non-dealer patrons, so we just ask that everyone give others a measure of grace. If we all act like we are civilized, we will
all benefit from that. That said, we reserve the right to ask anyone who is being a nuisance to leave.

4. Backpacks -- we banned these during the Children's Book Sale and it was such a more pleasant environment that we will continue this practice. No backpacks -- not the kind that holds stuff and not the kind that holds kids. If you have to bring little ones, please be aware that there will be NO children's books, and that we will no longer allow backpacks to carry the kids in. Fire Marshal rules prohibit strollers.

5. We restock all weekend and will do our best to keep the room full of good stuff to
choose from. That said -- we can't get them to the tables if you aren't cognizant of us trying to move through the crowd. When you hear a book sale worker say, "excuse me" or "coming through", please let them do so. It may be your favorite genre they're bringing in!

6. Next Wednesday night is Friends' Night. That means you need to have a current membership to shop on Wednesday, 23 September. You can purchase or renew that night, but you'll spend less time in line if you go ahead and do it before hand. Use the sidebar to the right and we'll take care of our end immediately.

7. As always, we value your patronage and support. Please help us by providing constructive criticism (preferably after the sale) about what can be improved!


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