Monday, September 28, 2009

Revisiting an Earlier Comment

Right before the book sale started, we received a comment that we wanted to address, but that we just didn't have time to address adequately. We want to revisit it though, so here's the comment, and our response.

Anonymous wrote:

My sister, husband, and I have been patrons and Friends for many years. We're not renewing this year. In fact, we're not going to attend this sale. We normally spend in excess of $150 per day, and usuqally come twice during the sale.

Why won't we be there? Because the ban on backpacks isn't enough. Until you ban dealers from bringing in those huge plastic bins that block the walkways and until you ban them from snatching everything then carelessly throwing books in piles all over the place, then this sale really isn't reader friendly.

And the most ironic part of all of this - we're retired booksellers ourselves.

Our response:

We are sorry you missed out. If you had come, you would have found that our booksale was amazingly orderly. Our volunteers worked very hard to provide a shopping experience that filled all needs. We did not allow any big buckets -- the largest size allowed in was ONE basket the size of a USPS mail bucket. Every dealer who attended complied with that. Most dealers who attended, especially on Friends Night on Wednesday, commented that this was one of the most orderly sales they attend -- and that they appreciated it. We saw several of our dealer patrons over several days of the sale, so they must have a) been finding what they wanted and b) been willing to behave in a manner that allowed them to stay. Our non-dealer patrons must have been happy as well. Incidentally, our history is that it has not been dealers alone who have been rude and pushy. Everyone wants to point to the dealers because they tend to be identifiable, but we have non-dealer patrons who, on occasion, show a lack of judgment in their behavior standards. We intervene as soon as we notice it, and the result is as stated above -- EVERYONE is enjoying the sale more.

As we're currently toting up our sales figures, we're discovering that we have set a new record for a semi-annual sale -- and that's WITHOUT the children's and young adult books.

It might be that you've thrown the baby out with the bathwater by deciding not to attend or renew your membership. We invite you to return.


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Air said...

Very happy to hear sales were high! Are the actual figures (this time vs. previous times) posted? I didn't see them.