Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wordzzle Saturday!

Wordzzle is a game hosted by Raven at Views from Raven’s Nest. She gives us 15 words and the goal is to use them in a paragraph, or very short story. You can use 5 for the mini, 10 for the challenge or 15 for the mega. It’s fun and gets the gray cells working, so join us for a try!

The blogger believes that “hoisted on her own petard” describes her effort this week. Since she provided these words, she can’t moan about how difficult they are. She just hopes that fellow players are full of forgiveness today! Especially Kit and Charly, who both managed to do something productive with them!


Life is like - an origami art form,

when enfoldment - in souls begin..

The individual path - we often follow,

may lead to - what others, call 'sin'..

I like to think however - it's only a matter,

of how we reacted - to a played-out theme..

For on this stage called life - with each step,

we're always searching - for the perfect dream.

Yet, like the dung beetle - feeds on waste,

we many times feed - on un-pure thoughts..

And then, instead - of joy and laughter,

there are tears - our actions have brought..

If we could become - as the cheerleader.

perfecting routines - that they must learn..

By changing our ways - to an abstemious lifestyle,

life is enhanced - like chlorophyll enhances the fern.


Streetlights casting a glow on wet pavement, presented an eerie feeling along the street in the wee hours of dawn. Drops of rain falling from trees with limbs spreading across the road, were hitting parked vehicles as if ROLLING OFF A LOG. Reporters and late-night wanderers were among the curious as they watched the cleanup. Having used the foam process, the HAZ-MAT crew, hauling hoses about for several hours, was almost completed with the task of cleaning up the remains of this toxic spill. On responding to this call they had discovered several of the CUSTOMIZE suits had been PERFORATED and they had to be replaced before tackling the mission. They were INCENSED for the lost of time and knew the captain was having a CONNIPTION fit knowing full well his old CONNIVING nemesis, who used the code name SIDEWINDER, was responsible for the delay. On several occasions, he had received BOGUS calls from this unknown figure. With ZEAL, the captain lived for the day he would be caught; unfortunately, a mystery yet to be solved. With the exception of the noise of hoses being drawn back into the truck, the sound of silence prevailed. Reporters have gone to prepare tomorrow's headlines, spectators have continued their journey to somewhere, and the crew showing signs of weariness packed up to head home. How quiet....blessed silence....suddenly there's a yell...Cut! - It’s a wrap..The silence becomes chatter as the actors exit the studio into shadows cast by the late afternoon sun.

Blogger: (To see the prior installment, click here)

Danae waited anxiously for the ambulance crew to finish with Miz Trent. When they came out of the house she asked, “Is she okay?” The crew chief answered in the affirmative. She was about to offer some of the croissants to the ambulance crew when the police captain stepped back over and neatly confiscated them. The EMT’s rolled their eyes at his zeal and got back into their vehicle. “That was rude,” commented Danae. The captain answered, “you told me you brought them for us…I just don’t want my guys to miss out on something so good. They’d have a conniption if they heard EMT’s got their food.” “And how would they know?” she inquired.

As they walked into the house together Danae asked, “Will Miz Trent be allowed to keep the money? It would really help her a lot.”

The officer answered, “We’re having the serial numbers traced right now. If they turn out to be as old as I think, and they’re not bogus or connected with any crimes that we can find, she’ll get it back within a couple of months. I hope someone will help her invest it so she doesn’t end up being a target for every conniving sob story that comes along.” Danae was incensed at the thought that anyone would try to scam an old woman but she realized that for some people, committing fraud is as easy as rolling off a log. She started to ask another question when the radio strapped to the cop’s shoulder crackled to life. “Excuse me,” he said and stepped away.

Danae walked into the living room where Miz Trent was regaling the young cops with a story. Her eyes lit up when she saw Danae but she didn’t pause, “You see, the harpoon went in and perforated his lung! He was never able to work again without making a loud wheeze that scared the fish. So the other guys on the crew put him ashore with $100 cash and told him he could use it to customize his so-called invention and sell it for a fortune. Of course, no one ever saw that money again. He probl’y drank it in the first bar he came to.” As she finished that statement the police captain came in and said, “Excuse me Miz Trent, we have a scene we need to respond to. Looks like a military convoy moving some Sidewinder missiles was involved in a pile-up with a truck carrying hogs to market. They’ve called everyone on duty to respond. Guys, make sure you have your Haz-mat suits. It’s messy.”

As the younger cops scrambled, each grabbing a croissant as they went by, Danae moved closer to the captain to say goodbye. She offered him the last three. “Thanks, this might be the only meal I get all day!” he said. His smile softened as he looked at Miz Trent and then back at Danae. “Take good care of her. She’s a treasure.” Danae nodded her head and said goodbye. Almost before they were clear of the room Miz Trent patted the sofa next to her and invited Danae to sit down. “Now sweetie,” began Miz Trent, “I’m going to tell you, and only you, the real story of the money and the bones. You can decide what to do with it.” Danae leaned forward in anticipation.

Next Week’s Words:

The challenge: plumber, autograph, Florence Nightingale, a chill wind’s a blowing, watering hole, sleek, triplets, backwards, surface tension, parrot

And for the mini: Free estimates, French fries, carpet, Braille, silver-tongued bandit



Raven said...

Well, I think you all did a great job with the words this week. Kit's poems are always rich in wisdom, I liked Charley's surprise movie wrap-up and Mrs. Trent's story is wonderful. I had a feeling she knew more than she was telling. Can't wait to find out the real truth.

As for the words, they were tough, but often those are the best. Even though they make us grumble, they also make us reach deeper into our creativity. Thanks so much for giving me a week off from being responsible for everyone's angst.

Dr.John said...

Kit- Your usual remarkable poem from very difficult words.
Charly- I was not ready for that ending. Great writing.
Blogger-The story continues to develop nicely. I can hardly wait until next week.

Fandango said...

Kit- We dragons did a poem tooday but yours is better. Your the master poet.
Charly- WE dragons love surprise endings.
Blogger- Just great writing.

Argent said...

@Kit - Great poem but if only we could perfect our routines and change our lives, eh?

@Charly - Bravo! didn't see the end coming there and a beautifully built-up scene to boot!

@Blogger - Oooh! Now you've got me on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what Miz Trent is going to tell Danae!

Three great pieces from the Library this week with some very strugglesome words.

Stephen said...

Kit's poem about how life is and people changing their ways and coming back from taking the wrong path was nice and said some good things.

Charly's story made me feel like I was right there while it was happening, and then it had a surprise ending, too.

Blogger's episode of the continuing story was interesting and had a good cliff hanger ending. I wonder if Miz Trent actually had some kind of involvement with what happened.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA