Saturday, October 3, 2009


Each week, Raven posts words. You can choose 5 (the mini), 10 (the challenge) or all 15 (the maxi) to create a poem, story, article, paragraph or whatever. The point is to GET WRITING! If you'd like to join us here, e-mail your entry to us and we'll include it here OR you can post it on your own blog, and use the Mr. Linky at Raven's to join the fun. Go to Raven's blog for more details.

The words for this week's ten word challenge were: family, cheese cake, 20 years ago, refrigerator, laugh and the world laughs with you, bath brush, zombies, African violets, butterflies, holding hands And for the mini:monsters in the closet, roughly, bowling, menu, Pennsylvania

We have three 'regulars' who play. Kit, Charly and the Blogger.

The monsters in the closet - of our mind,
play havoc on our thoughts - with much delight..
They taunt and tempt us - throughout our day,
and linger with us - into our night..
Many times their actions - somehow seem unfair,
and, as we seek a deeper reason - for their visit..
We're reminded - that sometimes hidden sources,
can be a treasure - that suddenly become exquisite.
For the treasures that come - moving toward us,
like the bowling ball - heading for a strike..
May be that roughly drawn plan - of the Universe,
that gives guidance - and pushes us to the Light..
Just look as these monsters - as food for thought,
listed on the Menu - of a Life's decree..
Then take a ride - in the Pennsylvania mountains,
leave them there - so your mind, is once more free.

Under a golden sky, walking down a path HOLDING HANDS, Megan & Kyle were headed to the FAMILY cottage. The cottage had been built 20 YEARS AGO along the river flowing peacefully this day. This had been a special gathering place. Once they had attended a Halloween party dressed as ZOMBIES. LAUGH AND THE WORLD LAUGHS WITH YOU, they say, but they had looked so silly it did not take much to set them off in a giggly mood. As they approached the cottage AFRICAN VIOLETS in hues of pink and purple were seen in the windows; BUTTERFLIES were fluttering around the wildflowers outside the front door. On entering, Mom, cousins and a brother & sister greeted them warmly. As in most gatherings they were all in the kitchen. Mom, as moms do, went to the REFRIGERATOR to set out the CHEESECAKE to be served with coffee. Buster, their cousin's three year old, was running around with a BATH BRUSH in his hand chasing Sugar, the resident dog. He stopped. With a baffling look on his little face, and looking back & forth to the foursome sitting at the kitchen counter, he finally asked, 'how come you all look alike'? The group in the room couldn't help do you explain identical twins marrying identical twins?

The guy was distinctly uncomfortable. He had butterflies in his stomach. Before they could sit down to dinner everyone had to go wash their hands…with soap and water! He hadn’t seen as much as a bath brush for a few days, but decided this was a good time to conform to the local standards. The family began by holding hands around the table. “Ah hah!” he thought, “that’s why they wanted us to have clean hands. They’re germophobes.” Then they prayed thanking God for the food. He looked past the African violets in the centerpiece and surveyed the younger brother opposite. Even the kid was praying. What was wrong with these people? Didn’t they know you were just supposed to take stuff out of the refrigerator and eat it? He heard “amen” and remembered just in time that it meant they were finished. Everyone tucked in, and rather than eating like zombies in front of the viewscreen like his people did, they engaged in conversation! At one point the dad even got up from the table to get an Etymological Dictionary because the kid asked where a certain word came from. Twenty years ago people used books, but didn’t these Luddites realize there were electronic devices they could use and never leave the table? These people were so weird! Suddenly his eyes widened. The mom was slicing blueberry swirl cheesecake – his favorite! He looked at the very cute girl and asked, “did you tell her?” The girl laughed and said, “Sure, we always want people who eat with us to feel like they’re very special. Do you?” All of his reserve melted away as the mom put a HUGE slab of the dessert in front of him. Laughing, he stated, “they say laugh and the world laughs with you, but I wouldn’t have believed it before I met this family.” The laughter echoed in the room as his body dematerialized and he vanished back to the Dragon-class galactic cruiser that orbited the planet. In transit, he smiled to himself, “time travel does have its perks. Cute girls and real cheesecake beats a replicator every time.”

Next Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: plaster, cottage cheese, hallowed, hard working, food for thought, blood drive, broken finger, ceiling fan, pastry chef, production

And for the mini: the sky is falling, variations on a theme, bravery, powder puff, empty soda bottles



DawnTreader said...

Kit, good poem as usual. Charly, I admire you "compact" story, still managing a twist at the end... And Blogger, I *really* did not see that end coming while reading yours... LOL!

Dr.John said...

Kit- You ability to turn horrible words into a serious poem still amazes me.
Charly- A good feeling story- I've been to many of those at the cottages of the family and then a bit of a surprise. Well done
Blogger- I absolutely loved it . The ending was just sensational. What a great twist.

the watercats said...

I enjoyed every one of these! Agreed, the poem is an amazing thing.. and i loved the last one with the sci-fi twist, just up my street! The second one is a lovely thing too, there's a fantastic documentary about identical twins on at the moment over here.. fascinating!.. great writing! cheers!

Argent said...

@Kit - Lovely poem as always. I, for one, would like to leave my monsters somewhere!

@Charly - what a fab ending! Not to mention excellent wordage!

@Blogger - Yes! Fantastic and I didn't spot the ending coming. Most entertaining.

Raven said...

Excellent thoughtful poem as always from Kit. Charly, I loved the surprise of identical twins. And blogger... I just loved the ending. Three fun pieces. Like your new banner too. It is new, isn't it?

Reston Friends! said...

To All -- thank you from all three of us. The Blogger is constantly amazed at what Kit & Charly can do. Did any of you guess that they are identical twins? Yup.

Blogger has to confess that teen daughter helped come up with surprise ending. She has way more imagination than I.

Raven, thanks for noticing the banner! We have TONS of photos from the recent sale so I'm going to rotate some through in order to give life and color to the site!

Fandango said...

Kit- Your poems are always better than ours but we use all the words.
Cgarly- Nice friendly story with a fun ending. We dragons liked it.
Blogger-Amazing. Out of those words some science fiction. We applaud.