Saturday, November 28, 2009


We find all kinds of things inside book donations -- bookmarks, postage stamps, grocery lists, school pictures...nothing very valuable most of the time.

But every once in a while we find something that we want to try to return to the donor because we suspect it might have some sentimental value.

Recently we discovered a manila envelope about the size that used to hold a time card. It contained a note and a negative of a photo inside. Here is the information:

Outside of envelope:
Dark Suite [sic]
Taken in Iroquois Falls, Ont.
in 1930
Born in 1872 in Chelsae, Quebec
Died in 1932 Iroquois Falls Ont.

Mickey's Father
Taken in front of the old T&NO Station Iroquois Falls Ont

Note inside:
June 9 59
Dear Laura
Received your nice card and was so glad to hear from you. So the latest news is that I will be leaving for Ottawa Civic Hospital on June 18th. I will be looking forward to seeing you when you visit Ottawa, then we will have a good chat.
I am enclosing Margaret's letter so that you will read about the arrangements.
No doubt you will be glad to get your vacation.
So now take care of yourself. Love, Elizabeth

If you know who this belongs to, will you please e-mail us?

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Unknown said...

I am just getting involved in this as it is being passed on to me by my McGrath relatives in Canada via my McGrath brother in California. It must have come from me because from time to time I drop books off for donation. (I wish I knew the book title that it was found in). My fathere must have been reading something while visiting here in VA. He was last here in 2002 and he passed in 2007. Thank you so much for bringing back to us this wonderful negative!!! Also, thanks for bring some cousins together who hardly know each other! We all come from such large families and are all over No America as well as a few on other continents.
Carole MeGrath Burnett
(Reston resident)