Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Stuff Matters

We sent an e-letter to our membership this past week to alert them to the budget dilemma the libraries face. E-mail us if you'd like a copy. Please don't underestimate your influence on the County budget process. Historically, one can tell that the squeakiest of wheels are the ones that receive attendance by the ones holding the grease. And there's something UNIQUE about libraries -- we see and serve those who in many other areas of life HAVE NO VOICE.

The key to success in America is literacy. Period. Okay, it helps to have money, power, position, etc. But the key to unlocking how to achieve money, power, and position is LITERACY.

The libraries serve the homeless, the newly immigrated, those who have been here for a while but who struggle with the language, the very young who are beginning to decipher letters, the middle aged who enjoy reading for fun, the newly jobless who need resources to help them re-package their skills, the very old who now have time to read, the sight-impaired, the hearing-impaired, the disabled...

It is so VERY, VERY important that we all stay focused on this budget process. It is the only way we can ensure there is no slight-of-hand performed at the expense of the library budget.

And to quote Monty Python: And now for something completely different. A book or two from our Amazon site, RestonFriends1.

Tony Dungy, Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance (Audio CD/Abridged) $16.75

C. Ross Greening, Not as Briefed: From the Doolittle Raid to a German Stalag, $24.00

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