Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where Does the Money Go?

The Friends are often asked how we spend the money we raise through our various books sales. There are two answers to that:

1. If you'd like to know details, we invite you to our Board meetings. The next one is November 18 at 6:00 pm at Reston Regional Library;
2. If you'd like to know generally, just walk into Reston Regional Library and look around. Anything that looks like an enhancement to the space is probably something the Friends paid for. This includes the big screens on the columns that tell you what's going on and which computer is soon to be freed up. The murals and paintings in the children's area is a Friends purchase. The new books area shelves and lighting were paid for by the Friends, as were the circulation and reference desks. If you're able to find your favorite magazine in the collection, we probably paid for it to be there. Some Friends groups absolutely do not buy books for their library's collection. Our group is very careful about not usurping the County's role in this area, but there are times that after careful consideration, we have underwritten particular purchases of books and materials for the collection.

But our favorite things to underwrite are the things that delight. In that vein, please visit the Events link for Reston Regional and see what kinds of programs are going on. Our fabulous staff have managed to squeeze a few programs out of the budget money they were left with last year. You should check them out! Some of the highlights:

Songs of Mark Twain's America -- Judy Cook combines music and multimedia images to provide a rich audience experience and a deeper understanding of this era with songs, anecdotes, historical photos and more. Adults. That's this evening at 7pm! Free.

Also tonight at Fairfax Regional, the Fairfax Bibliophiles will present a program “How we are moving from a physical book to e-book culture.” Fritz Heinzen will be the main speaker and Chan will assist. In an episode of Star Trek: Next Generation Captain Jean Luc Picard is reading from something that looks like what we now would call Kindle or Nook or E-Reader. He sighs and looks at his shelf of old books and says something about how he does like to hold a real book in his hands now and then. How did we get to this point where e-books are replacing real, solid, physical books? Fritz and Chan (mainly Fritz) will discuss and demonstrate all things E when it comes to books.

Babysteps Story Time -- Preschool offering on Thursday at 10:30. An interactive story time for children ages 13 to 23 months with parent. Free

and this Friday at the Government Center, popular Children's author, Patricia Reilly Giff! At 7 pm, she'll present a program on writing for school age students.

Don't forget -- the library is CLOSED on Wednesday for Veteran's Day. Thank you to those who have served or are serving today. We SALUTE you!

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