Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wordzzle is Back

The Wordzzle is a game created and hosted by Raven. She gives us two sets of words - five and ten. Use five for the mini, ten for the regular, and all 15 for the maxi. Use the words in a paragraph or short story (shorter is better so the dragons won't roar at you). If you'd like to play, check her site, write something up, ande-mail it to us or post it on your own blog and link to Raven!

Two of our Friends members and volunteers participate regularly - one from Florida and one locally. The blogger also participates when she has her act together.

Tell us what you think and come join us! It's a fun way to stretch your brain!

This week's words were: space cadet, silver lining, wood, turtle soup, minaret, ice, grease, sales, mandala, mug And for the mini: broken bones, slide rule, garbage, Chinese, sanguine

First, Kit:

A new year; a new day - a new opportunity,
to see dreams unfold - hopes fulfilled with time..
A time to reflect and - discard mental
that appeared as
broken bones - to the mind..
But, healing of mind & body - is quickly dealt with,
wihen life's
slide-rule performs -in universal measures..
For often times - changes that come into our lives,
are given - as keys to many, unknown treasures.

So, in this year ahead - give yourself a gift,
a gift of flexibility - and maintain a
sanguine mood..
Be as the
Chinese checker player - who plays to win,
by using right moves and choices - two very helpful tools..
Keep thoughts of making - each new day that comes,
full of right choices - for your own highest good..
And, at days' end - you'll find your soul's treasure,
has graced your day - just as you knew it would.

And now Charly:

As he walked the dusty trail to where the Old Fort country store stood, he scanned the scene before him- Snow-capped mountains off in the distance and part of the Rockies. One could revisit days of long ago when Outlaws and Rangers roamed this land. How he loved the history of the Old West. Jason entered the store. Off to the left, on a pickle barrel, was a CHINESE checkers game, placed ready for the next move. On the wall behind the counter hung a holster with a six-shooter. The gal behind the counter asking if she could help him, was dressed in calico and had a SANGUINE disposition. She spoke as tho she lived in the 1850s and had the western script down pat. Keeping with the past he ordered a Sarsaparilla. Gazing around the store he saw BROKEN BONES of a buffalo in a wooden bin and walked over to read the sign placed there. The bones were for sale at a penny a piece. He bought 5 and once wrapped, placed them in his jacket pocket. A newspaper on a chair near the door was dated 1852..a great read from that era. Balled-up paper that had been tossed and missed the GARBAGE pail was behind the chair. Finishing his drink he bid the gal goodbye and left the store. Outside the store was a bench. Suddenly feeling very weary he sat down and closed his eyes. Voices sounded far off and then near. He felt something cool on his forehead and opened his eyes. He saw his friends gathered around him, concerned. It seems he had been struck on the head at the construction site as he worked with his SLIDE RULE; an over-loaded backhoe moving wood had passed too close. Some of the wood fell on him and knocked him out-- his friends had moved him to the bench. As he focused, he looked around the building site where they were repairing parts of the Old Fort that had been there since the 1850's. He was almost sorry he had 'come-to' as he had experienced such a realistic dream of days gone by. He told his friends he was fine and slowly stood up. As he put his slide rule in his pocket, he felt something there. Wondering what he had stashed there, he pulled out a small packet and as he opened it up, stared in awe. There before him in his hand were 5 broken bones. Was it only a dream?

And finally, the Blogger's pathetic attempt to live up to Charly & Kit!

The slightly built Chinese man quietly slipped into the alley. Tucked behind the garbage was a small door. The last time he had entered the alley, he had ended up with broken bones. Yet, the call of the siren was too great for him to resist, so after a furtive look around, he ducked through the door and moved forward quietly, not wanting to disturb those who had already arrived. He approached the green door at the end of the passageway with trepidation and anticipation both. His heart raced, and his respiration increased. Quietly tapping the coded entry requirements onto the electronic panel he entered. The brightly lit room hummed with creative energy. True to form, he was searched thoroughly. No electronic products were allowed in this sanctum. The occupants of the room eschewed computers and electronics in their search for the solution. The thought process was that they must be able to communicate at the most basic level of technology as the project moved forward. Search finished, the door guard motioned him to take a place at the table.

Huddled at the various spots were men and women of all races and colors. Each was bent over a slide rule, furiously making calculations and notations. Yet, as he took his place, those across from and beside him, glanced up and greeted him with smiles. He smiled back, took out his slide rule, and joined in their machinations. Although it would be a long night, he relaxed into the company of like-minded people. There was an urgency and anticipation in the air tonight, perhaps due to the new year. The entire group was sanguine about their project’s potential success. Perhaps this would be the year that they would be able to decipher the message of the stars in order to achieve First Contact.


Argent said...

Hooray! Reston Friends! is back! We missed you (well, I did anyway). Kit's poem was just the thing for the new year, a things of beginnings and renewals. Charly's story about the construction word was lovely with that hint a mystery at the end of it. Blogger's effor was not pathetic. I really liked the way this piece built as we were made to wonder what was going on behind the green door. Everybody used the words really well and they melted into the pieces nicely. Great to see you guys back! Verification word: messed

Connie said...

I like these. Great stories and writing.

Raven said...

Welcome back! You have been missed. I hope you all had great holidays and that the New Year is off to a good start.

Kit - wonderful message. Charley - loved your story and that wonderful mystery at the end. Blogger... great job... hope they find the answer.

Happy New Year all!

Dr.John said...

Kit got us thinking.
Charly surprised us with the ending.
Blogger gave us mystery in the universe.
The words were well used.
Good to have you back.

Fandango said...

Kit's poem was better than ours as always.
Charly surprised us with his ending we love surprises.
Blogger was up to her usual high standards.
Well done all of you.