Sunday, February 14, 2010

Children's and Young Adults Sale

The mystery sale was a big success despite the efforts of the weather to put us off!  Thanks to all who stopped by and participated!

The next big event to put on your calendar is the

Children's and Young Adults' Sale

March 20-21
Meeting Room 2
Regular Library Hours

No backpacks, child carriers or large containers
There will be limits per household for the first several hours at least the first day.
Stay tuned for more details.


Anonymous said...

What will the limit be? Why is there a limit restriction?

Reston Friends! said...

We haven't set the limit, but for the inaugural children's sale it was 40 books per family for the first four house of the sale. The reason is that this is a mini-sale targeted to our local supporters. That means dealers and people who are filling the book needs for their day care facilities don't get to come in and buy up all the books so that there are none left for the families, grandparents, and children that have been so supportive over the years. We have had excellent feedback on this point, so we will continue it this time. It's the best way to make it fair for all.