Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let UPS do the Hard Stuff

Not only do we not want to get out in the snow and muck today, but the Library is closed.

"Oh No!" you exclaim.  "I'm down to my last two books!"

Never fear!  Go to RestonFriends1, our Amazon storefront, order what you want, and let UPS do the hard stuff in delivering!  Right now there is a LOT to choose from!

Great Courses (prices vary, see the website)
Black Holes
Masters of Greek Thought
The Louvre
Dark Matter
Emerson & Thoreau
Between the Rivers: Mespotamia
                    and others!

Raymond Blanc, A Taste of My Life $42

Reata: Legendary Texas Cooking ($21.50)

Simply Soup ($26)

Take the chill off and benefit the Reston Regional library at the same time!

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