Friday, February 5, 2010

Mystery Sale is ON

Today's the day! The mystery sale at Reston Regional Library begins today!  This is also the day that Fairfax County has preemptively closed the schools in anticipation of the Great Snow.  So . . . the sale will begin at 10, and will continue until the library closes (whenever that may be).  The County Website says that the libraries will be open today, but to call ahead before visiting.

If we run out of "open days" before we run out of great mystery books, don't despair.  We will continue the sale a little longer next week to make sure you have a chance to stock up on your favorites!

Mark your calendars for March 20-21 as well which is when we'll have our Childrens & Young Adult Sale.  No, we're not selling children or young adults (although after all these snow days some parents might be tempted!).  Instead, we'll sell the kinds of books one would purchase for them instead. More details later

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