Monday, March 1, 2010

Teasers for Children's Sale

The Children and Young Adult Sale is coming soon. Mark your calendars for March 20-21 during regular library hours in Meeting Room #2. This is a MINI-SALE, meaning don't expect the quantity of books we'll have for the Semi-Annual Used Sale in April!  However, these are the high quality culled books that fall into the categories of Children's, Young Adults and Teacher Materials.  We will NOT have Children's Books at the Semi-Annual Sale.

Most books will be less than $5, but there are a few special finds that we will have available for viewing and purchase. The photos show you why.  This is a Hardcover Cinderella book from 1950. The pumpkin is still intact, although fragile. The gilt paint on the pages is still shiny, and the book is an absolute treasure. If this tickles your fancy, e-mail us or call the library and leave a message for Pam in order to see it and discuss pricing.

Photos by Darlene

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