Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sale Finished - Bargains Continue

Our huge Semi-Annual Used Book Sale is finished but that doesn't mean the bargains are gone.

First, we have an ongoing sale that occurs whenever the library is open. The shelves containing those books for sale are located down the front hall in the alcove next to the pay phones/water fountains and between the bathrooms. There are even magazines opposite the alcove! The prices are the same as the book sale - $1.50 for hardback, $1.00 for trade paperback, unless marked otherwise. The way this works is that you make your selection and pay for them at the front desk. The shelves are restocked weekly, but you'll have to figure out for yourself which day has the 'freshest' books - it's part of the challenge of treasure hunting!

Second, we have a site on Amazon called RestonFriends1 where we post higher value and niche books that are more likely to move with a bigger audience. You can get there by clicking on the link. If you're a current, local Friend, we can get the book to the library for you and you can avoid postage.  Currently, we have a slew of Great Courses posted there. Here are some samples:

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