Thursday, April 1, 2010

Something for the Ladies

The Art of Home Making, Margaret Sangster, 1898

We often get donations of collections.  This post is a combination of a collection of antique "womens" books and "medical" books about women.  Once again, they are a fascinating glimpse into the traumas and travails of women in past times. If we think we have it rough now with the 'mommy wars', violence against women, and diseases, we should read some of these tomes and reflect on just how truly blessed we women are in the 21st century in America!

All of these books are available for sale by setting up an appointment via e-mail.  Or, you can call the library and ask for Pam to call you back.  Some of the books are on the Toplist for the sale which begins with Friends Night on April 21 at 5 p.m.  Again, e-mail us if you're interested.  Hint: if you want one of these books, it really helps if you're a current Friends member.  Click the button at the top of the sidebar to join.

Embroidery Lessons - Absolutely Beautiful Book

The title says it all.  1946

Two medical books concerning women.  Organ Diseases - 1897. Lectures to Ladies - 1842.

Social Etiquette - what a great resource for an aspiring writer of the period!

A page from Social Etiquette - some of this is still very true!

Another medical book for "Maids-Wives-Mothers"

And finally, Women of England, 1839

All Photos by Darlene

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