Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Is a Good Friend?

I'm sure you've all heard the joke that goes along these lines:

A friend is someone you can call at 2am after you've been arrested for partying too enthusiastically.

A good friend is someone who is right there with you in the cell asking, "was that fun, or what?"

Well, most of the Friends of the Library are a wee bit more mature than that, but we still have some descriptions of Friends, Good Friends, and Best Friends.

A Good Friend according to OUR definition is someone who goes above and beyond in supporting the Friends of the Library. It is someone who thinks $15 per year to support the Friends isn't enough. Good Friends give at the $50 per year level.

A Best Friend is one who goes even further, and supports the Friends group at $100 per year.

Now, if you can only afford $15 per year, that's fine! We will love you and help you find your books on Friends night just like we do the others. But if you can afford more, that gives the Friends group that much more to use in helping maintain collections at Reston Regional Library and other places in the county. It helps us to support the Access Services branch. They're the ones who make sure people who are sight-impaired or unable to get to a library due to disability or incarceration still have the opportunity to READ. And we know that reading is essential to making more out of life than a humdrum daily existence.

We are fortunate that we do have several people who give at the Good and Best Friend levels. Every year. And we really do appreciate it.

The final category in our memberships is Special Friend. That is giving at the $250 per year level. This is a rarified elite level, i.e. we don't have many of those. But you could be among the few, the proud, the truly supportive. And we'll make sure the money is well spent.

You can make these donations by clicking on the JOIN button on the side bar and then using PayPal. Or e-mail us and we'll help you figure out a different way!

Thank you so much to all of our Friends, Good Friends, Best Friends, and Special Friends.

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