Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Friends at the Festival

Volunteers from the Friends of Reston Regional Library had a great time on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. Although Saturday began with drenching rain during set-up, by the time the Festival actually opened the sun was out and the air was cool. It was a perfect weather day!

Many people stopped at our table to get information about volunteering with the Friends, the Summer Reading Program, and just to ask where the library is. Several were brand new Reston residents. One lady was visiting her son and daughter in law, and while they were waiting for a dinner reservation, strolled around to see the festival. She told us she is a librarian in her town in Iowa. We loaded her up with our excellent brochures and info to share with her Friends group there, and told her to have them e-mail us with their great ideas! She couldn't resist purchasing one of our cookbooks!

Special thanks to Vicki, Joan, Satya, Mike, Norbert, Rik, Charly, Brian, Andrew, Mary Ann, and Jen for taking time from your weekend to help spread the good news about Friends of the Library.

Thanks to Rik for photos

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