Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Friends Welcome New Employees

Fairfax County Public Library's bizarre attempts to make the budget devastation less painful have resulted in some personnel moves. To our benefit, Reston Regional has gained two employees. We welcome our new staffers, Sue and Carol, and look forward to getting to know them better. Sue contributed a chocolate mousse pie recipe for our cookbook, so we already know we will like her ALOT!

If you stop by the library and think the staffing looks a little thin, you're right. While we say hello to two, we've simultaneously said good-bye to FIVE.  If you see new faces and think that money for hiring people has suddenly appeared, you're wrong. All of the employees at the library are having to do much more, with many fewer. These changes have wreaked havoc on morale.

Boosting morale is one of the areas that Friends of the Library tries to help at Reston. We try to provide resources for things that the staff can enjoy while they're working - to make the day a little more friendly. A couple of years ago we purchased a water cooler service for the work area. Imagine books, dust, and temperamental air conditioning!

An item we purchased fairly recently is a Keurig single serve coffee maker along with funds to keep it perking. It has been a great success. The employees enjoy it so much that we underwrote the cost to give them as 'welcome back to life' gifts for the three branches that have/are just re-opening after renovation.

We also try to say yes to any morale-boosting events that come up. For years we've underwritten the cost for things like staff picnics, volunteer and staff recognition events, and farewell events.

The Friends volunteers serve the staff, who then serve the public, which includes the Friends volunteers. We also provide resources and materials for the library, which benefits the public, which makes the public a little less cranky in these times of austerity (at least that's our hope). The circle continues. 

The library system was hit disproportionately hard this year. If you get the chance to thank a staff member for hanging in there, we encourage you to do so.

Finally, if you get a chance to visit the Reston Festival this weekend at the Reston Town Center, stop by our booth to say "hi!" The Festival goes from noon to 8 pm on Saturday, noon to 7 pm on Sunday.

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