Monday, August 2, 2010

Reston Friends on Amazon

It's been a while since we have featured any of the treasures on our Amazon storefront site. also known as RestonFriends1. Wow -- they've really piled up.  There are nearly 700 items listed!

How do we decide what goes there? Donations that come in that can command a good price (over $15) in the used book marketplace are considered for RestonFriends1. The reason is that while we can save them for the Specials Room during the Semi-Annual Book Sale, often many of these are so unique, or the demand for them is so timely, that by the time we get to the Semi-Annual Sale, we will have lost the edge to sell them.

BUT, for many, if they have NOT sold on Amazon prior to the sale, we pull them back in, put them in the Specials Room, often add them to the "Toplist" and give you a price break.

So, it is a test of your gambling stamina:  are you willing to wait and see if you're the first one to get them at Friends Night, or do you want to get it now, while it is available? If you want one or more of them now, and you're a current, local Friends member, we'll meet you at the library and save you shipping. Just e-mail us or call 703-829-5467.

Here are some current treasures that would make GREAT holiday gifts. All three appear to be new, unread:

Whitewater Kayaking, $14.50

 Table Style, $15.00

Lego Mindstorms 2.0 $18.50

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