Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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This is a reminder about some of the PHYSICAL rules for our book sale:

1.  NO strollers (Fire Marshall rule)
2.  NO baby backpacks or large backpacks of any kind (whacking people with them is an all too real risk)
3.  No box larger than a U.S. Postal carrier and one box per person in the room at any one time. In other words, you can bring multiples of your properly sized box, but fill one and take it out of the room before you start another. The ideal would be for you to fill it, take it out, and have one of our incredibly enthusiastic and helpful book sale workers go ahead and count it and put it aside for you.
4.  If you remove a book from a table, our assumption is you're buying it. Do not remove a bunch of "might buy" books and leave whatever you decide against for our workers to put away. We classify this as hoarding. Don't do it.
5.  Any behavior the book sale chair determines to be hoarding or generally pushy and obnoxious will receive the consequence it deserves -- we will ask offenders to leave the book sale. We like to run a friendly sale, not a free-for-all.

If you want to come on Friends Night (22 September), you MUST have a current membership. Sure, you can wait until that night to renew, but why stand in line longer than you have to? Go ahead and do it by clicking on the membership button on the left sidebar. We'll have the information that night and you will zip right through getting your entrance ticket.

See you soon!

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