Monday, September 27, 2010

Packed Up for Next Time

Whew! Our Fall 2010 Semi-Annual Book Sale is over and we're finishing up the details of storing equipment for  the winter. Our overall sales were lower this time, but we think we know some of the reasons:

1.  FIVE (count 'em) FIVE book sales in the FCPL system this weekend (yes, ours is ALWAYS the last weekend in September, but we can't deconflict with everyone else).
2.  The FCPL calendar omitted the listing for our sale. Our branch remedied it, but the publications that went out throughout the county didn't get corrected.
3.  Despite sending out press releases, etc., it is increasingly difficult to get local media to promote this awesome event.
4.  Many, many things to choose from (Fall for the Book, National Book Festival, Multicultural Fair, etc.)

Nonetheless, there may be things you noticed as a shopper that you think made a difference.  If so, please let us know by commenting, e-mailing, or calling us (703-829-5467)!

Those who did show up this weekend had great bargains to harvest! And for the first time in anyone's memory, our local Hunter Mill District Supervisor, Cathy Hudgins, showed up to help work for a little while on Saturday. Here she is in charge of the back door cashier table.

Thank you to all of the customers, volunteers, food donors, and library staff who participated in this event! And a special thanks to Sam Clay, FCPL Director, and Stephanie Abbott, our FCPL Board of Trustees Member for Hunter Mill, for showing up almost every sale and working hard to make it a success!

Just to prove that the Reston Friends have superpowers and CAN be in two places at once, here's a shot from the Reston Multicultural Festival on Saturday.  (Photo by Jessica Swingle)

Now to all our buyers -- don't get complacent until Spring -- there are a couple of mini-sales coming up designed JUST for our local buyers to keep you busy in the interim!

Puzzle Sale (November)
Holiday Sale (December)
Mystery Sale (February)

We are NOW ACCEPTING donations for the puzzle sale.  And we will open again for book donations on October 2.  See you then!

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