Friday, September 17, 2010

Treasures Galore

It is less than one week until our Huge Semi-Annual Used Book Sale starts. If you're a member (easy to do, just click on the sidebar to the left that says JOIN and follow the instructions), you'll have first night access to all of our books for sale. This is important in the Specials room, particularly. That is where our one-of-a-kind, unique, collectible, and rare books are. Once they're sold, they're gone.  So if you like unique, come Wednesday night at 5.  These are some of the books available that night.  And don't forget the TOPLIST, which lists more of these truly chance-in-a-lifetime books.

Just a reminder about the Specials Room:
2.  No backpacks, boxes, or bags
3.  All selections must be processed at the Specials Room and will wait for you at the cashier.
4.  Please be careful of the books and other people -- most are one-of-a-kind!
5.  Even though the books in the Specials Room are priced higher than the main room, the vast majority are still under $10.
6.  At our sale we accept cash or checks.

The books on this page appear to be part of the important
Dietrichstein Library in Europe. The aristocratic Dietrichstein
family of Austria and Moldovia were politicians, diplomats, army
leaders and clerics, powerful 1500-1800.

All three of these books appear to be bound in the same leather and style
as the famed collection that was auctioned in Switzerland in the 1930's,
and two bear the signature of one of the family members who was the
tutor to Napoleon Bonaparte's son, and a patron to Beethoven and Schubert.

This is history in your hands . . .these are available for viewing on Friends Night.

We'll look for you Wednesday, 22 September, at 5 at Reston Regional!

And NOTE:  Special items will be in the Display Case in the front entrance area as early as Monday!  Take a look as you stop by!


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