Saturday, January 15, 2011


Once again, our head squirrel in charge of winnowing the crop has decreed an Odd Lots sale must occur. While we make more shelf room, you get to pick up great bargains.

If any of these interest you, you must have a current Friends of Reston Library membership to purchase. If you don't have one, they're easy to get. Just click on the sidebar where it says "JOIN".

To let us know that you're interested, E-MAIL US, or call us at 703-829-5467.


SETS that look great on the bookshelf.....

a)        $25    /    Encyclopedia Britannica (1987 ed)
                         padded black bindings
                         33+ volumes complete
b)        $20    /    World Book Encyclopedia (1988 ed)
                         decorate gilt maroon bindings, top edges gilt
                         28 volumes complete, incl 6 matching annuals


MAGAZINES to savor, to inspire  .....
c)        $15    /    lot of 15 issues of fantasy/sci-fi magazines
                         (spanning 1999-2000)
                         9 issues of Asimov's Science Fiction
                         4 issues of Fantasy & Science Fiction
                         2 issues of Analog


d)        $3    /    for winter daydreaming!     
                       lot of 6 large glossy magazine issues (spanning Sep 09 - Feb 2010)
                       Power & Motor Yacht, Showboats International, etc


e)        $4    /    get cooking with Cook's Illustrated magazine
                        lot of 8 issues (spanning 2006-2008)


f)        $8    /    weave up something beautfiul with Handwoven magazine                      lot of 25 issues (spanning 2002-2008)


g)        $3    /    armchair visit to France!
                       lot of 9 magazine issues (spanning 2006-2010)
                       France:  The Best of Culture, Travel & Art de Vivre                       in English


h)        $4    /    lot of 12 recent issues (Jan, Feb 2011)
                       various gun-related titles                       including Gun World, Shooting Illustrated, Gun Digest
                       [must be 18 years or older]

i)        $7    /    lot of 21 issues (spanning 1999-2008)
                      mix includes Model Aviation, R/C Modeler Magazine, Model Airplane News
JOURNALS on specialty subjects......
 j)        Wilson Quarterly
           "surveying the world of ideas" / non-partisan, non-ideological
           published by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
           (which is part of the Smithsonian)
           take a break from the Uncle John's Bathroom reader.... !
           articles on history, sociology, politics, culture, you name it!
           spanning the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's
           $16    for lot of roughly 75 issues

k)        US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters          (spanning 2001, 2005-2010)
          $15    for lot of 18 issues


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