Wednesday, March 2, 2011

By Popular Demand!

When we split out our Children's and Young Adults' Sale from our main sale two years ago, it was an experiment to see if we could better serve our patrons.  We were nervous -- would we get enough volunteers to set up and staff? Would we get enough donations to justify using an entire meeting room? Would people want to come to a separate sale?

Well, YOU, our PATRONS, have been amazing! Your response to this semi-annual sale has been so great that this spring, we are able to ADD a day for sales!  That's right, instead of confining the sale to the weekend, we'll be starting on Friday.

This is supposed to be a FRIENDLY, LOCAL, MINI-SALE.  Most of you know what that means -- be kind, don't be greedy.  In order to keep it a friendlier sale, we have established some guidelines that are different than the semi-annual sale.

2.  Limit on number of books per household in the first few hours on Friday.

We also have a further request. Although this is a friendlier sale for families, it doesn't mean that it's a free-for-all for the children who come with you. Please keep an eye on your children and instruct them to treat the books respectfully.  If you don't intend to purchase the book your child is handling, please leave it in a condition that someone else will be interested in doing so.

So, mark your calendars!  The Spring 2011 Childrens' & Young Adult Sale (including teacher materials) will be:

Friday, March 18
Saturday, March 19
Sunday, March 20

In the meeting rooms
at Reston Regional Library

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