Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Semi-Annual Sale Closes


Our Spring 2011 sale is finished and all of our volunteers deserve a HUGE thank you!

We want to tell you that our overall numbers were down -- attendance and sales. We think there are a couple of reasons for that:

1.  COMPETITION - There were two huge regional sales going on at the same time -- the kind that dealers come from far and wide to attend. Many of our regular dealers shopped with us the first day, but then headed over to those events.

2.  TIMING - That should have given our local shoppers a much less congested and frenetic sale, but the numbers just didn't turn up. This is probably due to our second reason -- the date change. Normally our sale is at the end of April but due to the religious holidays, we had to shift. People are creatures of habit. We suspect that some of the 'regulars' will show up at the end of April asking how they could have possibly missed it.

3.  DONATIONS-- to be honest, the quality and quantity of our donations has been down. Is this due to the economy? Or the rise in e-books? We think a combination of both. People are buying fewer physical books, and thus donating fewer as well. What do you think? How can we make donating easier/more attractive for you?

But, overall, we cannot fault the energy, drive, and dedication of our great volunteers who sort, plan, set-up, restock, sell, tear-down, and distribute donations. Without them, all of this is meaningless.

And we mustn't forget the support of many local merchants who donate food and other items to contribute to our success.  That list will be posted in a couple of days.

Thank you, Reston and surrounding areas!

Finally, a HUGE thank you to the library staff who puts up with the disruption, and particularly, to Andrew Pendergrass, our Branch Manager.  He leads the staff in a positive attitude, and physically puts his hands on to help wherever needed. And our KUDOS as well to Fairfax County Public Library Director who is a great supporter of pretty much everything the Friends of Reston Regional Library attempt to do! It's easy to be a volunteer with an organization that appreciates your efforts!

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