Friday, September 9, 2011

2011 Fall Sale Toplist

Toplist books are specials -- ones that can command a premium price because of their rarity, condition, and/or higher demand. Our price on them is still less than you'll pay on the open market. Many of the books are unique, and are just a taste of what you can find in our Specials Room. Please e-mail us and we will send you a .pdf of the list. We are having some technical difficulties posting it.

Please observe the following policies pertaining to the Toplist:

1)      A paid up Friends member may reserve a single item off the toplist for purchase on Friends night on Wednesday September 21.  Please submit a request by email HERE.  Requests for books made in this manner will be tracked by date and time -- first come, first reserved.

2)      The Friends display case at the library will be stocked on either Mon or Tue of setup week with "goodies of all kinds" (toplist or not).  First come, first serve.  The Friends reserve the right to place a limit on the number of items that a patron can purchase per day from the display case.  As long as they are not Toplist books (which will be released Wednesday at 5:30), you may purchase them.

3)      The Friends never have enough space to show off everything that's up for sale, so please feel free to ask if you have a particular interest but can't seem to find what you want.

4)      The Friends are very grateful for all the donations from our community that make the sale possible.....   so many books, dvds and cds!  (of course, cash is nice, too).

As an aside, many people ask how we decide what to list on our RestonFriends site.Donations that come in that can command a good price (over $15) in the used book marketplace are considered for RestonFriends. The reason is that while we can save them for the Specials Room during the Semi-Annual Book Sale, often many of these are so unique, or the demand for them is so timely, that by the time we get to the Semi-Annual Sale, we will have lost the edge to sell them.
BUT, for many, if they have NOT sold on Amazon prior to the sale, we pull them back in, put them in the Specials Room, often add them to the "Toplist" and give you a price break.

So, it is a test of your gambling stamina:  are you willing to wait and see if you're the first one to get them on Friends Night, or do you want to put in a reservation now, while it is available? 

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