Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eye on Books for October

Friends of Reston Regional Library brought in over $29,000 from the September 26-30 Fall Book Sale! Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make it successful, and to the library itself which will gain such a funding bonus!  It’s always with held breath that we list volunteers. If your name is missing, please let us know. Every effort is appreciated, both sung and unsung! Thank you, thank you, one and all-- workers, contributors, and buyers.

A special shout out to Charly’s Angels, who sorted, cleaned, lugged, boxed, bagged, tallied, and parented the book treasures that went off to new homes.  Among them: Nancy Bauer, Stephanie Butler, Carol Bradley, Kit Cammermeyer, Betsy Davison, Sheryl DeJong, Molly Donahue, Eileen and John Gormally, Liz Hoey, Ken Hill, Nancy Hintz, Ruth Jobe, Marty Kinneberg, Lorraine Kleinwaks, Judy Konnert, Dave Little, Valerie Little, Kerry Little, Chloe Morris, Lorna Moran, Lori Markowitz, and Kathy Nevins.

Also: Lynda Ose, Rebecca Owen, Michelle Pinto, Marie Podmilsak, Mai Lan Pham, Tom Radlick, Nan Rainey, Maureen Reddy, Rose Reisig, Anne Reisser, Cheryl Rodakowski, Julia Scoville, Jean Shea, Barbara Szczepanski, Chuck Szczepanski, Chris Sylvester, Margaret Shaw, Amy Shaw, Bill Teachout, Helen Teachout, Valerie Wendling, Keith Weaver, Margaret Weaver, Ann Withrow, Janet Merrille, Bill Lilles, Marisa DiLauro, and students Alex DiLauro and Grant Pierson.

And: Carol Boucher, Mike Schneck, Brian Jacoby, Roxane Hughes, Mike Kenney, Jennifer Scutella, Pam Chin, Kelley Westenhoff, Westy Westenhoff, student Lukar, Greg Macauley, Vicki Rea, Mai Nguyen, Alastair Yee, Norbert Pink, Mikail Rabinovitch, Patric Brown (publicity), Lynette Terpak (signage and advertising), Marge Shapira, Dennis Wistler, students Evan and Ben Watson, Jon St. Onge, Rik Karlsson, and Charly Karlsson. Friends helping the Friends. Thank you!

Library Bond on Nov 6 ballot— (from Reston Patch, Oct 9, 2012)

Money for studying a plan for a new Reston Regional Library will be part of the bond referenda Fairfax County voters will be asked on Nov. 6. On Election Day, local voters will be asked to vote YES or NO on four separate bond questions in the general election for:

Libraries ($25 million)
Parks ($75 million)
Public Safety ($55 million)
Stormwater ($30 million)

Ten million dollars of the library money will be allocated for construction of a new Reston Regional Library. The library is currently located north of  Reston Town Center. Because this area will be near the planned Reston Parkway Metro station, it may be redeveloped into a more urban, mixed-use center with government facilities. As part of the redevelopment, the library may be relocated within this area north of town center.  Bond funds will be used for the site studies, design and construction once the library location is confirmed, county officials said. None of the bonds are expected to raise tax rates for residents.
The remaining money will go towards renovations for Pohick Regional Library ($5 million); John Marshall Library ($5 million); and Tysons-Pimmit Regional Library ($5 million).
These older libraries will be renovated to add more public computers; enhance wireless access; add quiet and group study spaces; and upgrade old building systems to improve their energy efficiency and operations.

Fairfax County will hold an online chat to answer bond questions on Oct. 24 at 10 a.m. For more info, click here.
To read Frequently Asked Questions about the bond referenda, click here.

Coming Up Soon—  Mark your calendar!
November --Puzzle Sale Thurs Nov 1-- Mon Nov 5 (or while supplies last!)
December   -- Holiday Book Sale Dec 6-9

To join the Reston Friends, click on the link in left column to learn more. We welcome and celebrate your support!

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