Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Members Only ODD LOTS Sale #13

Time to start off the year with Odd Lots Lucky #13.....  You never know what might turn up as a Friends odd lot!

To repeat, the rules of the game are as follows:
......  Buyers must be paid up Friends members.  Yes, you may renew or sign up at the time of pickup.
......  First come, first serve.
......  All items offered as is, no returns.
......  Pickups by appointment.
......  Send an email to  restonfriendspr@gmail.com  or call  703-729-5497  to leave a voice message clearly indicating which lot(s) you want.  (24/7 -- it doesn't actually ring)
......  The Reston Friends reserve the right to limit quantities sold to any individual.  If you are interested in more than one odd lot, please prioritize that interest.

As always, all proceeds from Odd Lots go to support your library and your library system.

Thank you from the Friends of the Reston Regional Library.

P. S.      Be sure to mark your calendars for upcoming Reston Friends used book sales!  The Mystery mini-sale runs Thursday February 7 - Monday February 11, or as long as supplies last.  The Children's sale and the Teen sale will both start on Thursday March 14 and run through Sunday March 17.  And of course the big Spring 2013 sale will be held in late April.   Sale hours and full details will be posted.

(Please note that scanners will not be permitted at the Children's sale and at the Teen sale and that there will be quantity limits on the first day, Thursday March 14.)

Offerings for Odd Lots Lucky #13  /  21 items in all

A)        $6      Fine Cooking magazines
lot of 36 issues  /  spanning Feb/Mar 1998 - Jun/Jul 2012
published by The Taunton Press

B)        $4      McCall's New Cookbook Collection series
lot of 13 soft covers
copyr 1985

C)        $6      Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery
23 volume complete set, including index  /  hard covers
published by CBS Publications for distribution by Funk & Wagnalls
D)        $5      Cat Fancy magazines
lot of 27 issues  /  spanning Aug 2007 - Oct 2012

E)        $4      Art & Antiques: For Collectors of the Fine and Decorative Arts
lot of 10 issues  /  spanning May 2011 - Summer 2012

F)        $6      [quilting magazines, all issues are year 2012]
lot of 11 issues, representing 9 different magazine titles
unread newsstand copies (no address labels on the covers)

G)        $13      Arizona Highways magazines
lot of approx 60 issues  /  spanning 2000 - 2004
oversize issues filled with 4 color photos and stories
nice for the armchair traveler

H)        Shonen Jump manga magazines  (for teens)
great for sharing among a group at camp or at parties 
c.2006, 2007
$30      Shonen Jump "A"  /  boxful of 28 issues
$30      Shonen Jump "B"  /  boxful of 28 issues
For $50 you can take both boxes Shonen Jump "A" and "B".

I)        $3.50      The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
lot of 7 issues /  spanning 2003 - 2012, including 2 from 2012
digest size perfect bound magazines

J)        $2      non-fiction by Isaac Asimov
lot of 5 non-fiction science titles by Isaac Asimov
published in mass market paperback size, mostly in the early 1970's

The Left Hand of the Electron
Understanding Physics: The Electron, Proton, and Neutron
Understanding Physics: Motion, Sound, and Heat
The Genetic Code
Fact and Fancy

K)        $15      Our Living World of Nature
lot of 12 volumes
published by McGraw Hill  /  copyr 1966
very clean hardcovers, as unread
titles include:
The Life of Rivers and Streams  /The Life of the Forest  /  The Life of the Ocean

L)        $6      Ogden Nash
lot of 5 matching volumes in red cloth bindings, no dustjackets 
published by Little, Brown  /  book club editions

M)        $7      Greatest Short Stories
lot of 6 numbered volumes in green bindings
published by P F Collier & Son  /  no book club edition markings

N)        $6      Masterplots
plots in story form from the World's Fine Literature
edited by Frank N Magill
published by Salem Press [NY]  /  copyr 1955
lot of 4 matching volumes (2 First Series plus 2 Second Series)
hardcovers in blue bindings, no dustjackets

O)        $28      The Harvard Classics
lot of 22 volumes 
Registered Edition
published by P F Collier & Son
copyr 1937, 1938

P)        $12      Great Ages of Man  /  Time-Life series
lot of 17 volumes
Great Ages of Man: A History of the World's Cultures
published by Time-Life  /  copyr mid-1960's

Q)        $15      Larned's History of the World5 volume set complete
Larned's History of the World or Seventy Centuries of the Life of Mankind
published by World Syndicate Company [NY]
copyr 1914  /  published 1915

marbled paper over boards, 3/4 cloth bindings
text blocks are solid  /  front hinge is weak on volume 1 only

R)        $12      The Civil War Music Collector's Edition
The Civil War Music Collector's Edition
copyr 1991 by Time-Life
3 audio cassettes of music plus a "full color book Songs of the Civil War"
entire box is still in its original shrink wrap

S)        $50      Impact: The Army Air Forces' "Confidential Picture History of World War II"
8 volume set complete
sponsored by The Air Force Historical Foundation
published by James Parton and Company Inc [NY]
copyr 1980  /  stated first edition
hard covers in glossy pictorial bindings

T)        $45      Harvard College Class of 1950
lot of 11 anniversary reports for the Harvard College Class of 1950
The Class of 1950 was the first post-World War II class, with over half the class comprised of military veterans attending under the GI Bill.
Notable alumni include Henry Kissinger, James Schlesinger and Edward Gorey.

Anniversary reports for the years 1957 (Sexennial), 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975 (large hardback), 1985 (hardback), 1990, 1995, 2000 (large hardback), 2005, 2010.

U)        $90      Great Books of the Western World / plus 2 Bonuses!
Great Books of the Western World
published by Encyclopaedia Britannica
54 volume set complete
copyr 1952 / brown bindings
plus Bonus #1
Gateway to the Great Books
published by Encyclopaedia Britannica
10 volume set complete
copyr 1963 / bindings cloth plus decorative paper

and Bonus #2
The Great Ideas Program
published by Encyclopaedia Britannica
10 volume set complete
copyr 1961 / tan cloth binding

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